Terms and Conditions (Information Collection)

We need to collect certain information from you to complete your terms and conditions. This will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete depending on the complexity of the business. The information we need is:

A) the details of ownership of the business (e.g. the Registered Office Address, registration number & place of registration for a limited company or the names of the partners for a partnership);

B) your VAT number if you are registered;

C) details of regulatory bodies if you are a regulated profession;

D) information about your customer types (commercial or consumer), and the products and, or services provided;

E) details of any specific risks or issues that need to be addressed; and

E) If your customers include consumers (i.e. people not acting in the course of their trade or business) we will also need:

i) – contact details including phone & email;

ii) – if you act on behalf of another trader, the geographical address and identity of that other trader;

iii) – if the price cannot be reasonably calculated in advance the way it will be calculated;

iv) – all delivery charges and any other costs;

v) – the conditions of any after-sale customer assistance, after sales services and commercial guarantees;

vi) – if you are covered by a code of conduct how copies can be obtained. e.g. a website link;

vii) – the duration and/or minimum duration of the contract, or, if the duration is not to be specified or extends automatically, the conditions for terminating the contract; and

viii) – if you provide digital downloads, some relevant technical information.

If you have existing terms of business or any examples that you have in mind please email us an editable copy enquiries@crimsoncrab.net

All the information provided is given in confidence and in accordance with our general terms and conditions so you can be assured of confidentiality.

We also take the protection of personal data seriously, please see our Privacy Notice for more information.