Staff Room Provision of Services Information Required

Our form is designed to collect the information necessary for compliance with the Provision of Services Regulations.

It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Once the form is started it will need to be completed in one session.

The regulations require certain service providers to make specific information available to their prospective customers.The information required is given in part 2 of the Regulations.

One way of achieving compliance is to provide the information on a website and give customers and prospective customers a link. Another is to give the information in hard copy whenever details of services are discussed.

Crimson Crab Reputation Advocates have a dedicated page on our website which conforms with the requirements.

Details required:

  1. an email address or how to text for direct contact
  2. a contact for more information about the business and for complaints
  3. legal status and form eg Ltd, PArtnership, Sole Trader
  4. any listings on any trade or public register
  5. registration with trade or professional bodies
  6. any authorisation in the UK or EEA
  7. VAT number if applicable
  8. details of regulation
  9. general terms and conditions
  10. the country in which contracts are enforceable
  11. any after sales guarantees (not those that are legal requirements)
  12. the price of the services if they are predetermined
  13. professional liability insurance if you are required to have it (name, contact details and territory covered)
  14. details of alternative dispute resolutionCrimson Crabs wave for ethical, legal and responsible trading, telephone 02392637190, email or click here to contact us