Type of news stories

The news stories we seek need to be business focused at all times, and must offer a benefit to our members and communities. We are happy for you to promote your business, products and services in your news story, however the stories need to be unique and offer something new and different each time. All stories must come with the author’s name, business name and contact details.

Word count

All news stories must fall within 300-500 words – this is to ensure that members read it and remain interested in your stories. If the word count is far greater or lower than the allocated amount the stories may not be used.

News stories amendments

Southern Entrepreneurs reserve the right to amend news stories so they sit within our guidelines. We will endeavour to keep your news stories as close to their original format however, grammatical changes will be made to ensure your business and stories represent you in a positive manner.

Cut-off dates

News stories will be published bi- monthly and each – news stories communication request with include a cut-off date, this will be in the third week of the month it is due (on a Friday).  e.g. Cut-off date: 22/05/2015

This will allow the team to review in ascending order and action. Any stories, that we receive after the cut-off date will not be used in the forthcoming newsletter

How we will deal with news stories

We are not limiting you to the number of news stories you can send us, however we are limited by the number of news stories we can publish. If your story doesn’t appear on our website or PR platforms – it may be on a waiting list and may appear at a later date. On occasions we may not use your news stories, as it may be a similar story to one already covered, or may not be deemed suitable to cover. Please do not see this as a negative and continue to send us your news stories.

Where to send your stories

Please send your business stories to

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