Grow Your Business Through Southern Entrepreneurs

At Southern Entrepreneurs we are always looking to share valuable knowledge and information with our members and communities. One way we hope to achieve this is by asking our members to send us their business news stories, which we will publish on our website and in our bi-monthly newsletters – and will be emailed to all our members.

We see this as a great opportunity to support businesses and empower them to learn, network, connect and grow. It is also a unique opportunity for you to raise your business profile among other businesses for free – now that is low cost, no cost marketing.

Southern Entrepreneurs is now looking for the kinds of stories that will catch the eye of some our Executive Club readers.

Members that make up our Executive Club are business in the south that have a million pound or more turnover per year, and we want your stories to be seen!

So if you have any ideas or stories that you think will be interesting and relevant to some of the biggest businesses in your area please feel free to send us in your news.



Please send your business stories to