Sim Compliance – Christmas Tip 2017

Getting people, your employees, home safe after each working day has to be the most important part of your business operations hasn’t it?

Let’s face it, neglect in the health, safety and general wellbeing of what I am sure we all agree is the most important asset to any business function, its people, can have a real negative effect on business operations and how the business functions. Not only do you lose key people in key roles which affects getting that product out of the door or that service being provided, but think of the message it sends out to other employees? “Do I really want to work for this employer who doesn’t seem to care much about my safety and wellbeing?”

This then creeps out of the workplace and your clients and customers get wind of it, then your suppliers. Who wants to commit to doing business with someone who can’t be bothered with the basics of looking after its people? And before you know it, the whole business reputation is jeopardised simply because you didn’t take those initial steps in considering the health & safety of your workforce.

To counteract that, why not decide that you are going to implement a few simple control measures which can easily be done by engaging with your employees? Ask them “how do you feel about safety at work?” – “what do you think we can do to make things safer, easier for you to do your job?”. Suddenly you have a workforce who, because you have engaged with them, feel not only empowered to take action, self-action, but also feel that embracing hug that “actually my employer does care”. I have witnessed this happening and the effect is instant.

So this is a great starting point and it’s all about communication, which actually costs nothing but a few minutes of time goes an awful long way in being able to demonstrate that you are going some way in getting things right if you are ever brought to task about managing safety at work.