Red Pixel Creative – Christmas Tip 2017

Why Brand Consistency is Important

Often small businesses are unintentionally hurting their brand by trying to handle their marketing ‘on the go’ without paying too much attention to branding guidelines and consistency with their marketing materials. Many businesses are too relaxed with the use of their logo, brand colors, tagline, and even with their mission statement. While these everyday mistakes may seem harmless at first, over time they might give your audience the wrong impression of your brand. Here are three reasons why brand consistency is very important for your business:

1 Differentiate from competitors

Your brand is who you are, and it is meant to set your business apart from your competition. This is where consistent branding helps your business succeed over the competition. Your colours, font, etc. should all be unique to your brand, and the messaging that defines your brand’s promise should be consistent across all channels.

2 Increase customer recognition

After a while, if you are successfully branding your business consistently, customers will be able to recognize your brand even when it’s broken apart: your catchy tagline by itself, your logo without the name of your business on it, or even just the colours of your brand. Think of Apple’s or MacDonald’s.

3 Reinforce your identity

When your audience sees and hears a consistent message from your brand, it reinforces your unique selling proposition in their minds. By knowing what they can expect from your brand, and hearing it multiple times, they will begin to assign a higher value and trust in your business.

How can I keep my brand consistent in my business?

One of the easiest ways is through a style guide. A style guide gives you and other employees certain rules to follow when creating marketing materials. For instance, using the correct logo, which colours you should use to match the logo, what fonts to use and any specific graphics that work with your brand. Remember, applying these rules doesn’t mean all marketing material has to look the same, but it does help to make sure your appearance and messaging remain consistent.