An Independent Pair Of Eyes


10 Business Benefits of Working with a Proofreader

  1. To create a GREAT first impression with prospective customers and enhance your reputation.
    Error-free written content will mean that your chances of securing new business are enhanced significantly.
  2. To create more time for you to run your business.
    Time spent reading and re-reading your own work means that other aspects of your business are neglected. A proofreader will give you that time back so you can get on and do things that really matter to you.
  3. To provide “An Independent Pair of Eyes” to review your writing.
    A proofreader will be able to identify errors more quickly than the author of the content.
  4. To help you to save money.
    The cost of a proofreader will be substantially less than the cost of your time spent reading and re-reading your own work.
  5. To save you from embarrassment.
    There’s nothing more embarrassing than one of your customers noticing an error and then publicising it. A proofreader will help you to ‘get it right first time’.
  6. To reduce your stress levels.
    A proofreader will give you peace of mind knowing that your writing will be accurate and ‘ready to go’.
  7. To add value to your team.
    A proofreader can be a virtual team member helping to make sure that your written content looks professional and is error-free.
  8. To reduce your waste paper volumes.
    Working with a proofreader will mean that you do not have to re-print materials that contained errors.
  9. To improve your confidence levels especially if you are dyslexic or English is not your first language.
  10. To provide a professional alternative to a spellchecker.
    A spellchecker will not pick up words that have been spelt correctly but typed incorrectly.

Crab Insight July 2015

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