Setting yourself apart from the others

With a hectic business and personal life I wanted to share a few tips which I believe will set any business apart from their competition. They are basic principles yet most businesses I come into contact with fall down in these areas:

Call people back
If a client calls in, make sure detailed notes are taken (and passed on) and you call the client back in a timely manner. So many businesses fail to return their clients calls. As a busy consumer,  if they don’t call back I will look elsewhere, it begs the question “if this is the first part of my consumer journey what will the rest be like?”

If you have a lot of calls through the day, when you have a moment spare, check your recent call list to jog your memory.

Make life easy
Most of our clients are busy business people with a million tasks floating around their head. If you can make your clients journey as easy as possible by sending them a summary of your meeting or e-mail them in advance with a list of information they will need to bring to their meeting with you, this will make the sales process faster and their life easier, meaning they are more likely to remain a happy and loyal customer.

In our industry many clients are paying monthly for products and cannot remember what cover they have. Providing a summary document or folder containing all their information which they can keep to hand will set you apart from the crowd.

Do what you say
Similar to calling your clients back, if you enter a meeting excited to win a new client and eager to please, remember to follow through on your promises. If you tell your client you will drop a document off or confirm some answers to queries then make sure this is delivered without them having to chase you. It may be a simple 2 minute job but it’s easy for this to slip down the priority list as you try to win new clients.

Be prepared
When you visit a new or existing client be prepared for the basics:

  • You should know the latest news about your client or prospective client – have they won a new headline client recently or are they moving to new premises? Everyone likes to feel important and showing an interest in their business will help you build rapport.
  • You should know what questions they are likely to ask based on how your product or service meets their needs and its relationship to their industry. Plan ahead as you read through your proposal, what is my client likely to ask me and find the answer out ahead of your meeting. This may take a few extra minutes but it means you will deliver your pitch and answer their questions with conviction giving them confidence in your ability to deliver.