Six points to remember when choosing a photo for social media business sites

You will have heard that people buy from people, and from people they know, like and trust. In order to improve your visibility and create a good first impression you should have a social media profile pic. Your profile should display you as a professional business person.

Ask yourself does Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg look like someone with poor professional judgement? If the answer is NO then what excuse do you have?

1. What can you do about it? When was the last time you
updated your profile picture(s)?

Does the image show just you or are you posed with your kids or partner?

Profile photograph showing a lady at the moonwalk with several other people in view as well

Does the image give details of your personal life away like holding a glass of beer whilst the bar is holding you up or you are cooking at the BBQ?

Profile image with two people at a BBQ

2. The first step here is to admit you have a problem that needs attention. It’s time to make a change. You want a fairly simple, professional-looking headshot that features you looking professional.

3. What can you do? You have a choice; amateur (selfie), or pro? If you choose to take and use an amateur (selfie) then consider the following:-

  • Use a decent camera, if you only have a phone ask a friend if you can use their’s, better still ask them to take your pictures.
  • You need a picture that is not lopsided, is lit well; a simple background (plain or blurred) and the main subject YOU, in focus. I include selfies within this as well.
  • You may be lucky or you may have to take a lot of pictures to get one that is use able.

If you are not confident with this then consider visiting a professional photographer to have some decent head shots taken.

4. If you go pro, you want to find a professional photographer who cares enough to work with you and take pictures you both can be proud of. Let your existing network be your guide here; don’t be afraid to ping that nearby connection of yours who has an amazing profile pic and ask for help or a referral to a great photographer.

5. Whichever road you choose consider having your hair and make-up done. Wear clothing that is not striped, that is plain in colour and is smart or formal.

When taking the photos there are two things to remember:

  1. Don’t take the picture straight on. Turn the subject at an angle away from the camera approximately 30-45°. This gives you more profile across the face and body giving better definition.
  2. Take the picture from slightly above, this is a more flattering angle and helps to reduce any double chin by pulling the head up.

Lady imageProfile picture of a business man

6. Now you have those images taken you have an important step if you chose to DIY or use an amateur, use photo editing software or an app. You may want to play around with the image or do some visual touch ups or you may need to enhance the contrast of the image. If you chose to use a professional photographer they will do the post processing, you receive the finished image.

All photographs (C) copyright Martin Harris Photography all rights reserved.

Crab Insight February 2016