GSTM Solutions – Christmas Tip 2017

Excel is an amazing tool for analysing data and helping you to make decisions.  But make sure you fully understand your formulas and test everything to ensure you haven’t made a mistake.  If you’re relying on numbers for quotations, business planning, etc this is absolutely critical.  It’s quite easy to get a cell reference wrong or make a mistake in the formula, so double check everything before making decisions based on the data.  It can damage your reputation if you pass on incorrect data to your customers – finding it yourself and having to apologise can be embarrassing, but it’s probably even worse if your customer finds the mistake!

And once you’ve got all the data correct, make sure that you keep your spreadsheets secure.  Excel passwords are a good first line of defence, but they are not 100% secure; hackers can easily break them.  Use encryption software where possible and only share data via secure cloud facilities.