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Business First Network logoBusiness First Network is a membership based organisation formed to support and protect the interests of business owners.

Company Profile:  

Protect – Save – Grow – Reward

Business First Network is committed to working with its Members and the Business community to realise our vision of a Robust, Sustainable, and Effective Commercial Business Membership Organisation for the 21st Century.

Membership  is available throughout England, Scotland, Wales and  Northern Ireland.

Business protection and services are available in the United Kingdom and greater European Union zone.

Range of Work: 

By bringing together a network of like-minded business owners both locally and nationally Business First Network has been able to create a unique suite of benefits that provides for its members:-

  • Advice and assistance with business regulation and compliance
  • Access to essential business services at a competitive and business efficient advantage
  • The opportunity to meet and do business with like-minded business owners
  • Deliver rewards for you, your family and friends.

Protecting business and owners against:

  • Staffing disputes through legal assistance and arbitration to Tribunal
  • HMRC Investigations for Personal, PAYE, and VAT taxation
  • Auto Enrolment Pension provision

The Main Features of the Services:

Auto enrolment pensions. This will impact every existing business in the coming 18 months, and every new business in future. Accountants, Specialist Providers, Banks or Independent Financial Advisers will charge both a set-up fee (£350-£2000) and a monthly management fee (£35 average) to run this for you. That is BEFORE you have made any Pensions contributions.

With Business First, Auto enrolment comes as part of your membership – No set up fee. No monthly charge. And guaranteed entry to a fund.

Our members also receive :

1. Employment Protection (All Legal staff issues) up to £100,000 per incident
2. Tax Protection (Tax, VAT, PAYE, IR35) up to £100,000 per incident (your Accountant does the work)
3. Criminal Prosecution Defence (H&S, Food etc) up to £100,000 per incident
4. Property Protection up to £100,000 per incident
5. Statutory Licence Appeal up to £100,000
6. Jury Service Costs (all employees) up to £100,000 pa
7. Personal Injury pursuit up to £100,000
8. Contracts Disputes up to £5000 per incident

In addition, members have access to professional Advice lines 24/7 that cover :

  • Legal matters that impact the company or personnel
  • HR and Staffing issues
  • European Legal issues where applicable
  • Health & Safety advice, documentation and Legal support
  • Tax and HMRC matters
  • Insurance Claims advice
  • Counselling for Members AND Employees.

Locations Covered: Brighton to Gatwick to Guildford to Havant

Contact Details

  • Contact Name: Tony Kershaw
  • Telephone:  01243 210387 or 07734 387841
  • email:
  • Website:

To request information or make a complaint please contact:

  • Contact Name: Tony Kershaw
  • Telephone: 01243 210387 or 07734 387841

Legal status and form: Private Limited Company, Business First Network Limited

The registerd office address: 124a Castlereagh Street, Belfast, BT5 4NL

VAT number140 0004 95

Registration number: Business First Network Limited, Company number 622685

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The contact details of the insurer or guarantor: HCC International Insurance Company PLC

Amount covered: £1m

Territory covered: Worldwide, excluding Canada and USA.


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