Business First Network Membership Discount

Crimson Crab have teamed up with the Business First Network to offer 20% off the pre VAT membership fee to Reputation Advocates for the first year of membership.

The Business First Network provides a package of services designed to support and protect the interests of Business Owners.

For example auto enrolment pensions, will impact some Reputation Advocates in the coming few months. With Business First, you get Auto enrolment as part of your membership – No set up fee. No monthly charge. And guaranteed entry to a fund.

Members also receive :

  1. Employment Protection (All Legal staff issues) up to £100,000 per incident
  2. Tax Protection (Tax, VAT, PAYE, IR35) up to £100,000 per incident
  3. Criminal Prosecution Defence  (H&S, Food etc) up to £100,000 per incident
  4. Property Protection up to £100,000 per incident
  5. Statutory Licence Appeal up to £100,000
  6. Jury Service Costs (all employees) up to  £100,000 pa
  7. Personal Injury pursuit up to  £100,000
  8. Contracts Disputes up to £5000 per incident

In addition, you have access to professional  Advice lines 24/7 that cover:

  • Legal matters that impact the company
  • HR and Staffing issues
  • European Legal issues where applicable
  • Health & Safety advice, documentation and Legal support
  • Tax and HMRC matters
  • Insurance Claims advice
  • Counselling for Members and Employees.

You also get access to a website full of letters, articles, templates and forms to help you run a successful business. Debt recovery negotiation for the member’s legal rights including enforcement of judgements to recover money and interest due from the sale or provision of goods or services. And help, advice and guidance in making the best use of the services that the Business First Network provide.

And finally – you and your staff get access to the Business First Network Membership Plus card, providing significant discounts from an impressive array of Household name High street and Online stores. Discounts range on average between 5-10% at High Street outlets (B&Q, Boots, M&S, Sainsburys, Asda to name but a few) and much higher than that on Travel, eating out, entertainment etc. The savings would more than repay the cost of enrolment  as members of Business First Network and  they can prove to be a great incentive/reward for employees.

More details can be found on the Business First Network website by following this link which opens in a new window.

To take advantage of this offer please get in touch.

If you are not a Reputation Advocate you can join using our application form which opens in a new window.