First For Contractors Support

Difficulty logging in to the portal

Subcontractors – To log in you will need to enter the details you received in the introductory email into the two boxes at the bottom of the main text box. The details consist of two sets of numbers separated by a hyphen.

For detailed guidance please follow this link which opens in a new window.

Once you have gained access to the system please add any details that are missing and amend any that are incorrect, if you would like to upload an image to personalise your profile please do not hesitate to do so.

You will need to answer all the mandatory parts of the PQQ questions in the Toolbox tab and any relevant optional questions. It is important that you click on the save button to record your answer.

Where relevant please upload supporting evidence and specify expiry dates. Please note you will need to save your answer before uploading an evidence.

If you continue to have difficulties or for any other issue please telephone 075 9942 8909 during normal office hours or email

Contractors – To log in you will need to enter three key details in the box at the top right of the screen:

  1. your client number (between 3 & 5 digits),
  2. your username (your first initial followed by your last name all in lowercase with no spaces) and
  3. your password.

All of these details will have been supplied on initial creation of your portal.

If you are entering these details correctly it is likely that your password has changed.  If this is the case please let us know immediately by emailing to have it reset. We will need the email address that you used when you purchased your online system. Your login details will only be sent to this address. If your original e-mail address is no longer in use please let us know.

If you continue to have difficulties logging in please telephone 075 9942 8909 during normal office hours or email

Other Issues

For all other enquiries about the First For Contractors Pack please get in touch using this link.Crimson Crabs wave for ethical, legal and responsible trading, telephone 02392637190, email or click here to contact us