Subcontractor Management

Our internet based software system the First For Contractors Pack makes it easy to cost effectively ensure legal compliance when engaging subcontractors and other suppliers.

It saves time and money by streamlining and automating diligence processes, forming an essential part of the procedures for health and safety, financial management and safeguarding purposes.

When tendering for work from main contractors or public authorities a diligence process is likely to be mandatory. In these circumstances using the First For Contractors Pack will strengthen a businesses position in the event of an HMRC status investigation of individual subcontractors.

Of course the system can be used for management of any supplier to your business as part of the procurement process. Approved and pre-vetted suppliers will provide peace of mind that your supply chain is competent, experienced and offers value for money.

The key features of the application are:

  • Create an online bespoke pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ)
  • Set specific questions for different categories (Work Sectors) of subcontractor
  • Set questionnaires to assess a subcontractors knowledge of relevant matters
  • Create a unique profile for each subcontractor, which allows them to complete the PQQ  remotely including the submission of supporting evidence
  • Get email notification of subcontractor progress, set to specific requirements
  • Create instant online reports of a subcontractor’s PQQ which allows the distribution of proof of their competence and supporting evidence to site managers, clients, accreditation bodies etc.
  • Create comprehensive subcontractor agreements to formalise and protect the subcontractor relationship and govern standards of work, invoicing and payment, insurance, employment status, taxation, health & safety responsibility and more

Each Subcontractor has a profile where the user can:

  • View the subcontractors PQQ responses and supporting evidence
  • Approve (or suspend) a subcontractor for work
  • Create and view formal contracts between the parties
  • Store documentation relevant to the relationship

To view more details on the way the system operates including screen shots please follow this link.

If you need to carry out diligence on others just get in touch for a free no obligation demonstration on how this application could help your business save time, money and its reputation.

The portal may be accessed using this link (opens in a new window).

If you are a user of the system and are having difficulties please follow this link for support.Crimson Crabs wave for ethical, legal and responsible trading, telephone 02392637190, email or click here to contact us