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“Support for web designers to provide high quality websites, that are compliant with current disclosure, data protection and trading law requirements.”

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The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive and the demand for constantly improved customer service is ever present, with business owners always seeking competitive advantage, reductions in overheads and the other efficiencies. In outsourcing an activity there is always the potential for a disparity between their expectations and the scope of the offer, particularly in a technical area of which they have little understanding.

Regulatory compliance is also an ongoing challenge requiring specialist knowledge that needs to be kept up to date with the fast pace of change. Therefore it can be helpful to engage suitably competent external help to facilitate an authoritative view. It can also help avoid personal liability for client non compliance. In our ever increasingly litigious culture it is wise to protect your web design business from the potential outfall of client non compliance.

The Objectives

  • Provide support for you when developing e-solutions for your clients.

  • A reduction in the risk of you facilitating the client breaching applicable statutory and other compliance regimes.

  • An enhanced offering in which your clients expectations are appropriately managed and liabilities are not exacerbated or transferred to you.

Why Crimson Crab?

We understand how trading legislation including data protection, impacts on businesses using the internet. We are a growing business with an ethical approach to trading. We take confidentiality and information security extremely seriously. We are proactive with cyber security and are registered Data Controllers with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Our directors have had over fifty years experience in the Public Sector, with extensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape and an understanding of how to prevent complex issues developing.

We are fully insured for this type of work. Details of the insurances held are published on our website along with the information required by the Provision of Services Regulations.

Case Studies

A web designer is asked to produce an e-commerce solution for a seller of tobacco products. It is illegal to sell tobacco products to minors and it is not a sufficiently robust check of an individual’s age to include a tick box to ask the purchaser to verify that they are over 18. Moreover, if this solution is implemented on the advice of the web designer, it could lead to them being prosecuted along with the seller if products are supplied to under age clients.

You are in process of building a beautiful website for your client. But what about that legal fine print at the bottom of every website? You doubt anyone will ever read it, so do you really need it?

  • Terms and Conditions of use may not be required by law, but they are a smart thing to include. They can limit liability should a user take the website owner to court, as well as protect the owner’s rights to the content. Any court will look at the website terms to determine the contract between the website owner and the customer, so this needs to be taken seriously enough for it to hold up in court.
  • If cookies are used then there are rules about gaining consent to setting them.
  • If user’s personal data is gathered then, a Privacy Notice should be included.

In most cases when a service is provided certain information needs to be made available to clients. One way of complying is to put the information on a web page and provide a link to customers. Consultants, accountants, lawyers, estate agents, restaurants, travel agents, childminders, plumbers, mechanics, driving instructors and cleaners are all examples of professions that are covered by the Provision of Services Regulations.

If the website is used for e-commerce we recommend robust terms and conditions for the sales to ensure that there are no surprises for customers and there is clarity if anything goes wrong. Non business customers have consumer rights, which have to be taken into account.

Our Offering

Standard Service – We provide a short report on any potential issues in your clients offering and the disclosure information required to be displayed. This will give you with the peace of mind that there are no hidden risks to you. This is the minimum level of service for basic client diligence.

Data Protection – We provide tailored ‘Terms and Conditions’ for the use of the website plus a ‘Privacy Policy’. You will not have to source appropriate documents and fit them to your specific clients need.

Provision of Services – Where your client provides services themselves and wants to use the website to meet their compliance obligations we will engage with them to obtain the required information and pass this on to you for incorporation on the web site.

E-Commerce – We will provide a set of terms and conditions covering the clients transactions, together with any additional disclosure required when engaged in their particular activity.

Making A Service Request

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Our general terms and conditions apply and we will invoice you on completion or within 1 month.

Costs To You

Standard Service

Data Protection

Provision of Services





From £360

Fixed until at least 31st March 2017 so you can build them into your client agreement.

Return on Investment

The purpose of the approach is to minimise potential future harm and mitigate liabilities that may be incurred by giving misguided or inaccurate advice on legislation.

Infringements of the law can result in financial penalties, as well as legal expenses. If anyone has benefited financially from the illegal activity they could be made to repay the gain. Undoubtedly the biggest impact however, will be on business reputation, trust will be damaged and may never be restored.

Success Story

A sailing school were developing a website with an online booking facility to a tight time scale. We produced compliant terms and conditions receiving this feedback from a director of the business: “Very many thanks for the work you did for us so quickly”


We believe that our proposal will offer you a cost effective and solid method of providing compliance for your clients and peace of mind for you.

Thank you for your consideration and please do not hesitate to get in touch if there are any points that you would like to clarify.


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