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Darren Cook, Director, First Facility Management Services

“I have written this testimonial for Rob and his business as credit where credit is due, I have found Crimson Crabs services to be invaluable for my business, whether it’s generic advice around a particular subject matter or specific advice if there is an issue, to have Rob on your side you will not go wrong.

I have been working with Rob for a number of years now and Rob makes sure that you are trading compliantly, ethically and legally he does this by a service called a business MOT a great tool Rob. I’m glad I invested in this. It’s startling how many websites I now look at since the business MOT and further discussions with Rob that aren’t displaying the correct information.

Rob’s knowledge around business issues is truly amazing. He also has a great tool for businesses that employ the likes of sub-contractors called, First For Contractors which FFM uses on a regular basis for those jobs where we don’t have the in house expertise we sub contract the work out. The programme ensures that the sub-contractor we instruct are, compliant with respects to their insurance, Health & Safety and other specialised requirements such as things like working at height/depth.

I look forward to working closely with Rob and his team in 2016 and beyond.

Keep up the good work Rob.”

Rosie Hamilton McGinty, Director, A Winning Attitude

“After applying to the IPO and being refused to register A Winning Attitude Trademark in 2013 I was fortunate to meet with Robert and Wendy Briggs from Crimson Crab Ltd who immediately pointed out why my application had failed. Using their expertise the new application for A Winning Attitude Trademark has now been accepted.  If you wish to Trademark your business, then Crimson Crab are the experts you need to make it happen.

Lynn Osborne, Founder and Director Clarity Care Consulting

“Thank you for making the changes on our website and for making it such an easy process.”

Jo Brining, Director On The Move

“Having set up my own business and launched in January 2013, I met Rob and Wendy through business networking soon afterwards.  Getting to know them was a pleasure as they are both very warm and friendly people.  Equally important was that it became abundantly clear they were both extremely knowledgeable and experienced in their field whilst being human too!  Starting out in business can be quite daunting and to know that Rob and Wendy are both there to advise, guide and support you through the minefield of legislation and keep you posted on changes and updates is very reassuring indeed!”

Simon Frost Chief Executive of Parity Trust:

“Robert is an extremely thorough, professional individual who seeks to understand the client’s needs and provides a very quick and efficient service. I have worked with Robert over a period of years and I am pleased to recommend their services.”

Jason Fazackarley City Councillor at Portsmouth City Council:

“Whilst serving as the Cabinet member for Community Safety I dealt with Robert on a regular basis concerning Trading Standards issues. He is an extremely capable officer who at all times demonstrates a very high level of professionalism. His expertise in Trading Standards is top class and I could always rely upon him to deliver required reports and reach the targets that the Service had set. I have no hesitation in commending him to anyone looking for an expert in Trading Standards or local government.” 

Claire Wood Strategy Advisor Portsmouth City Council:

“Robert is a focused, dedicated and results driven manager. I worked with Robert primarily establishing a new business which was an exciting and challenging project. Robert was always keen to share his skills and expertise whilst remaining open to new and innovative ways of working. In my opinion, Robert is a highly skilled professional manager with good people management skills and astute business acumen.”

Adrian C. Ramdat Director of The Training Consultants Ltd:

“I have worked with Robert in his capacity of Trading Standards Manager for a number of years through the provision of RIPA training services by The Training Consultants Ltd to Portsmouth City Council. I have always found Robert to be very knowledgeable and professional. He seeks to develop himself and his team and keen to get involved in the training with his peers, his managers and his staff, which I think shows the importance that he places on this development and I enjoy working with him.”

Paul Summers Corporate Programme Manager Portsmouth City Council:

“Robert is a committed and passionate leader with a great knowledge within his area. He is involved in the national agenda and is open to new ideas and a believer in continuous learning. He regularly attends learning events with his team thus enabling collaborative learning and developing his team’s capacity. Robert actively seeks out new ideas to improve his team’s capabilities and listens to and is open to influence by others. He has a strong commitment to improvement and protecting the public from rogue traders and counterfeiters.”

Peter Downer HR IT Strategist and Developer at Portsmouth City Council:

“I worked with Robert on many occasions and found him to be one of the most conscientious, focussed, professional managers I have worked with. He always works hard to address any issues fairly and to the best of his ability, with a strong emphasis on client satisfaction.”

Nigel Strick Head of Community Safety and Trading Standards Oxford County Council:

“Rob’s team at Portsmouth City Council delivers some of the most imaginative and community-focused services in Trading Standards. That they are able to do this with limited resources is a testament to their determination and to the vision of their Manager. I regularly hold his Service up as best practice examplars and I would always, if possible, arrange for some of my employees to spend even a short period of time with Rob’s team to see for themselves just what can be achieved.”

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