What others say about the Special Event – E-commerce and On-line Sales

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Steve Bimpson Infinite Possibilities:

“I had the pleasure of attending Robert’s E-Commerce and On-line Sales Workshop, today (Monday 27th January), and I have to say how impressed I was with the whole event, from the organisation to the information that Robert passed on.

Robert took what could easily be, a really dry subject, and made it interesting, engaging and extremely thought provoking. His knowledge on the matter is, incredibly, extensive and we certainly tested his knowledge, between us.

I just loved the ‘Ace Card up his Sleeve’ (you had to be there!!)

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Robert, and the event, to anyone that’s already selling goods or services on-line, or is thinking about. There certainly is a lot to bear in mind and it’s so important to get this side of things right, as you never know when things may go wrong – It’s only then that you appreciate how important it is to protect yourself and your company.

After what I’ve learned, today, and from my personal on-line shopping experiences, it’s obvious to me that many small businesses aren’t getting this right.

My advice:

Don’t leave it to chance. Talk to Robert.

And if you’re already selling on-line, get him to check your T’s & C’s and on-line sales process. You won’t regret it.”

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Beverley Lester-Card Director Practical Personal Safety Ltd:

“Robert Briggs has so much information in his head, I just would like to be in position to engage him on a full time basis to ensure that what I am doing with my business is compliant with law.”

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