What others say about the Reputation Academy

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Peter Lamb, Westminster Wills

“I have been very impressed with all three sessions attended so far with Crimson Crab, the Business MOT, the Summer Workshop, and my first 121 mentoring session. I find Crimson Crab a marvellous concept, and really an absolute must have for any serious small business.

I look forward to future 121 mentoring sessions all being as productive and interesting as the first”

Steven Afshar, Business Coach & Business Psychotherapist Mindcraft:

“Crimson Crab is meticulous in its approach to maintaining its clients reputation and ensuring that there are no hidden surprises that could be emotionally and financially painful. They will go to great lengths to find ‘the truth’ about your circumstances and the solution required, rather than making an assumption that we all know can come back and haunt us. Robert Briggs is especially considerate, measured and willing to go that extra mile to ensure your business is robust to take on any challenges from a trading standards perspective. It has been a pleasure working with Crimson Crab and I honestly cannot recommend them enough to protect your business livelihood.”

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