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Mark McCall, Beat the Seat

“Employing Crimson Crab for a Business M.O.T. was one of the best things I’ve done. Wendy and Robert were very attentive and always ready to explain the finer points of everything a business needs. I’d definitely use them again.”

Amanda Batchelor, A J Batchelor Occupational Therapy Ltd

“I completed the Business MOT with Crimson Crab for my start up business. Wendy and Robert had clearly researched my business area thoroughly and were able to provide me with sound advice which now gives me peace of mind and the knowledge I need to operate more securely and effectively.  I would thoroughly recommend other start up businesses going through this process.” 

Judith Massey, The People House HR

“I came across Crimson Crab in the very early days of setting up my business and decided that I needed to do their MOT as I might as well try and do things right from the start.  It is amazing the things as a new business that you get involved in and although I was on top of some things, there were others that I had not even given any thought to.  It was definitely a case of ignorance is bliss unless, of course, you manage to get yourself on the wrong side of the law without realising it. Much better not to be, so huge thanks to Robert and Wendy for opening my eyes to those things of which I wasn’t aware and needed to sort out.”

Lorna Jackson, Advance & Get Noticed

“Crimson Crab have been a great help to me, as a new business, to ensure that I have all the relevant procedures and paper work in place to protect myself and my business.

Help and reassurance that you are trading correctly within the law gives peace of mind. I would highly recommend others to take a Crimson Crab business MOT and not leave things to chance, there are no excuses for being ‘unaware’ of business legislation, find out about it and protect yourself and your business.”

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  • Telephone: 07917 150502

Susan Beeby, Director The HR Dept

“As part of my application to become a Reputation Advocate for Crimson Crab, I had to undertake a Business MOT.

This was definitely not a ‘going through the motions’ questionnaire but a searching interview that asked me some very difficult questions about areas of my business that I had not particularly considered.

I discovered aspects of my business that were potentially important to my business continuity and needed addressing.

Robert was challenging but supportive during our meeting and I received excellent, clear and concise feedback (by Skype meeting to ensure effective use of time).

With 25 years’ experience as an HR professional I have worked with many companies and have no hesitation in recommending any business owner to undertake the Business MOT with Crimson Crab.”

Jo Brining, Director On The Move

“Taking the opportunity to have a Business MOT carried out was a great decision as this involved a very thorough review to look at what was in place, what else was needed but also highlight anything that would be of key concern and allow me to understand and address any areas of risk.

The report from the MOT is clear and concise and the advice from both Rob and Wendy has been invaluable.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Crimson Crab  for this or any other service they provide and I have no doubt that Crimson Crab will continue to go from strength to strength!”

Peter Lamb, Westminster Wills

“The Business MOT was a tremendous analysis of my business, the range and depth of issues covered and the informative conclusions arrived at most helpful.”

Gareth Hammond Commercial Utilities:

“I would recommend any business owner go through the Business MOT process.  The old adage that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ couldn’t be more true.

Robert has pointed out the areas that need to become more robust and has helped me avoid hugely costly potential pitfalls.  The value it has added to my business cannot be underestimated.”

 Jane Rudd Owner of Bizzy Bodyz:

“Our business MOT was a fabulous opportunity to review the reputation of our business and the risks we faced.

Crimson Crab produced an insightful report, colour coded, which means that we can prioritise our risks in a sensible and recordable way.

We welcome the opportunity of having their advice ‘on tap’ through The Academy to provide training, support and a valuable business security net.”

Beverly Lester-Card Co-founder of Practical Personal Safety

“Practical Personal Safety is a new business, and as such we needed to be guided by an expert regarding legal implications.

Robert Briggs of Crimson Crab provides an in depth guide to not only start ups but existing Companies. This valuable information has given us a solid foundation which will enable us to move our business forward in the knowledge that all our legal requirements have been met”

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