Case Studies

Our case studies provide real-life examples of our solutions in practice and the potential outcomes if things do go wrong.

Email Marketing

I received an email from a business that I met some time ago at a networking event. As the bcc (blind carbon copy) function had not been used I could see that it had been sent to a number of other people. Read more…

 Care Quality Commission Registration

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the regulatory body with responsibility for ensuring that health services meet essential standards of quality and safety.

Any individual, partnership or organisation that provides any of 14 health and adult social care services, known as ‘regulated activities’, in England must register with the CQC. Read more…

Telephone Fraud

A man telephoned a UK based company from a telephone number that was recognised as their bank’s fraud team as shown on the banks website.

He said there was a virus on the firm’s internet banking facility and suggested that their money (more than £1 million) should be transferred into separate holding accounts while the bank fixed the issue.

To allow him to access their accounts and transfer the money into the holding accounts he asked for remote access software to be downloaded on to the businesses PC.

He then completed the transfers into the holding account for them. Read more…

Payment Card Industry Data Protection Standards (PCI DSS)

These standards help protect card users from financial fraud, however businesses beware, as there are potential hidden risks. Read more…


The High Court gave a suspended  sentence of 28 days for copyright infringement. Read more…

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