Lessons from a lifeboat

Rob served as a volunteer crew member with the RNLI for 20 years, spending 11 as a senior helm (Cox’n in the offshore boats).

The lifeboat station had two boats, a RIB (an Atlantic 21 and then an Atlantic 75) and an inflatable ‘C Class’.

There were a number of lessons that he learnt during this time, some took longer than others to sink in!!

  • Feel the fear (False Expectations Appearing Real) and do it anyway
  • Maintain mission critical equipment like your life depends on it – because it did
  • Build the team, provide leadership and promote trust to foster adaptability and creative solutions or “That horse won’t get in this boat!!”
  • Learn to expect the unexpected and deal with “rescued syndrome”
  • Manage risks to preserve reputation and safety – what could possibly go wrong?

There is a strong correlation to the situation business leaders find themselves in.

As Jimmy Carter once said “You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can”.

The key is to avoid burying your head in the sand so that you can recognise the risks, evaluate them and take sensible strategic and tactical precautions to minimise them.

As long as what you are striving to do is not illegal or immoral Crimson Crab can help.