Southern Entrepreneurs – Free Branding Workshop – Fleet

Branding for small businesses FREE WORKSHOP

Location: Fleet

Date: 24 February, 10am to 1pm

Do your potential customers know why they should choose your company?

Do you struggle to stand out from the crowd? Come and find out about the art of branding…

You might be surprised to know branding is NOT about paying a lot of money to get a logo… the art of branding is actually about capturing and communicating what is distinctive about your business – and knowing how to do that will give you huge competitive advantage in 2016.

When describing branding, the Chartered Institute of Marketing says “brands matter to every company because what they capture is distinctive.  This is the primary source of your competitive advantage and the ability to create value.”   So perhaps it’s no surprise that those companies with a strong brand are often the most successful…

Branding is about what you do; how you uniquely do it; and how to differentiate yourself clearly and consistently when getting your message across to clients and potential clients.

So do you have absolute clarity with regard to your marketing direction, focus, personality and voice? Or have you sort of made it up along the way?

Suitable for individuals, for member organisations and for companies this fast paced interactive workshop is packed with case studies, examples and worksheets and will be most useful to you if you:

•             are new and need to decide how to market yourself

•             have been trading for some time but without a clear brand

•             want to expand your services and realise your new offering is no longer reflected in your original identity.

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