Southern Entrepreneurs Training – Listening Skills for Business


Winchester Worksted, Kings Worthy – Winchester

Thursday 26 November

It’s assumed that listening comes naturally to all of us. Yet there are ways of doing it well that we can learn, and listening in the workplace is a key skill to develop. After all, hearing what your customers want will help you to meet their needs to the satisfaction of all involved.

It’s also likely that able to listen to what your business partner is saying, or your boss, or your employees will help you build better relationships that will benefit your business. Perhaps being able to accept hearing feedback will help you to improve what you do in the future.

Yet business people have been heard to say:

“Listening takes up too much time, and there’s work to be done”

Yes the jobs do need to be completed, yet what are you missing by not listening to others?  Good ideas, early warning of problems building up, missed opportunities?

“Some people just talk too much, so I don’t bother to listen”

Perhaps you want to buy something but want a query answered first and the salesperson is not listening to you. Or you have a thorny work problem you just can’t fix on your own.  Can you find someone to listen to you? Perhaps that sort of listening is what others want from you.

“It’s easy – I know what they need within the first few sentences so while they’re still talking, I save time by working out what the best ‘fix’ is”

How do you feel when you’re just starting to describe the situation to a person you hope will advise you, and they go off down the wrong track before you’ve even got to the crux of the matter?

Come on this 3-hour workshop with Cathy Foster to learn how to listen better, and to get tips on how to deal with the situations you have difficulty with. Cathy coaches work, play and relationships  so is ideally placed to help you extend your listening skills.  You will be taken through proven listening techniques, and given the chance to practice them as well as given the opportunity to learn from people’s experiences.

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