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I bought something on Ebay and it is not suitable. I contacted the seller telling them that I wanted to cancel. The seller is now refusing to answer my emails. Do I have to return the item to get my money back?

The rules on cancellation apply to traders on Ebay (dealing with consumers) just as they do to any other trader. When the transaction takes place then the purchaser should be told what will happen if they cancel and in these … Continue reading

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May 2015 Question 2

“My terms and conditions are six years old will they still protect my business?” Having a set of terms and conditions in place is always preferable to nothing, however as things are likely to change over six years we would … Continue reading

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Do I really need terms and conditions for the use of my website?

They may not be required by law, but it’s still a smart thing to include. (If you would like a set of terms and conditions for your website do get in touch.)

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