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The Cloud and security!

At our recent Special Event on the Data Protrction Act we talked about the implications of using the cloud. Although primarily about celebrity hacks this article on how to protect yourself in the cloud may be of interest –

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Do you think there is a better way of doing business?

Clothes retailers accused of labour abuses in Cambodia –

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Flying by the seat of your pants!

Steve Afshar provides some thoughts on the stresses and strains of running a business 5 Key Steps to help you understand why you maybe experiencing difficulty in your business Ask yourself the question “What is my business like?” You are … Continue reading

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Why do I need terms and conditions for my website?

There is no legal requirement to have them in place, however they set out the rules for using your website. It’s a smart thing to include as they can limit your liability should a customer take you to court, as … Continue reading

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How can I check to see if I need to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office for processing personal information?

Most organisations that process personal data must register with the Information Commissioner unless they are exempt. You can carry out an online self assessment on the Information Commissioner’s website.

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