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Crab Alert – CryptoLocker

Crimson Crab have been warning about Cryptolocker for some time now. CryptoLocker is a ransomware trojan which targets computers running Microsoft Windows. An attack can come from different sources for example disguised as a legitimate email attachment. When activated the … Continue reading

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A business customer has lost income as the parts required to effect the repair to their vehicle are not available for several days and this was only discovered on dismantling the components for inspection. Do they have a right to receive compensation for the loss of income while the vehicle is off the road?

A garage should repair or service a consumers vehicle within a reasonable time. What counts as reasonable will depend on the problem. If the work is straightforward, a few days may be reasonable. The garage may need more time if … Continue reading

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August 2014 Question 2

“Can a consumer customer ask for a full refund after they have bought goods from us?” In certain circumstances yes they can. A consumer can cancel a contract in line with their cancellation rights, if they have them, under the … Continue reading

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