Crab Alert – Do you store or process information owned by your customers?

How do you satisfy yourself, your clients and others who may have an interest (like the Information Commissioner) that you look after their information adequately?

What would happen if you were attacked by CryptoLocker for example. This is ‘ransomware’, a data-kidnapping malware designed to get you to pay the criminal to recover files. Victims are given a stark choice pay up or lose the data forever. Think about the consequences of losing business data in this way and you can see why the majority of attacks are targeted at businesses. The costs associated with such attacks can be huge but the reputational damage can be even more severe with a loss of client confidence affecting future profitability way into the future.

To reduce the risks involved your defences need to be robust enough to make potential attackers seek out easier targets. To make sure this is managed effectively requires a systematic process which makes sure you cover all the bases. ISO27001 is the definition of best practice for information security management and a system built on these principles gives confirmation to your clients that you manage security effectively.

You really don’t need to be a computer wizard to improve your security. Some simple things can make all the difference to protecting:

  • your assets
  • your reputation
  • your customers
  • your peace of mind

Need to know more about what is at risk, who could pose a threat, what form at attack could take, what impact it could have and how to adopt a risk management approach? Our event on the 23rd April may be just for you.

Don’t worry, be Crabby Savvy.


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