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Got a spare £1/4m?

No doubt we would all like a spare £1/4m, but it just so happens that it is the maximum penalty for breaches of the Data Protection Act. If you handle clients data and your worried about ‘Heartbleed’ or worse you … Continue reading

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Lucreative Business Services Ltd

Lucreative Business Services are now Reputation Advocates

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Growth Vouchers

Crimson Crab sign up on the Enterprise Nation Market Place as Business Advisors

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Crab Alert – Do you store or process information owned by your customers?

How do you satisfy yourself, your clients and others who may have an interest (like the Information Commissioner) that you look after their information adequately? What would happen if you were attacked by CryptoLocker for example. This is ‘ransomware’, a … Continue reading

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How do I know if my emails are encrypted?

Unless you or your IT provider have taken active steps to encrypt emails you send, then they are not. If you receive an encrypted email you should also receive instructions on how to read it.

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Can you help me with auto enrolment?

Unfortunately this is not an area of expertise that we currently provide. Although we would be delighted to find a business that does and wants to become a Reputation Advocate. If you know of such business please let us know.

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How do your Reputation Advocates fit with the principles of networking?

We meet some really great businesses through different types of networking and we are always happy to link up businesses where we see a synergy. Reputation Advocates on the other hand have completed a Crimson Crab Business MOT and have … Continue reading

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Are you going to target specific trade sectors, such as plumbers, for Reputation Advocates?

We have no plans to do so. Reputation Advocates are primarily businesses that can help other businesses to manage risks to their reputation.

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